Street Maintenance Plan
brendan-steeves-G-YAJ61qIuU-unsplashThe Town currently maintains nearly 35 miles of public streets and roadways. To objectively plan street improvements, the Town  Board relies on a Pavement Condition Survey.

Read the 2020 Pavement Condition Survey here.

The survey provides a tool for prioritization of street improvements and is the foundation of a plan that addresses deferred and preventive street maintenance. 

The 2022 Town of Woodfin Roadway Resurfacing Projects has been completed.

2022 Roadway Resurfacing Project Schedule
Apple Lane Complete
Garden Road Complete
Lookout Road Complete
Jonestown Road Complete
Norton Drive Complete
Audubon Drive Complete
Barebridge Hills Drive Complete
4th Street Extension Complete
3rd Street Complete
New Street Complete
6th Street Complete
Washington Avenue Complete
Elk Park Drive Complete
Foothills Drive Complete
Bannister Drive Complete
Northside Drive Complete
Grey River Run Complete
Sunny Ridge Drive Complete
Goodman Road Complete