The Town of Woodfin manages a municipal street system of over 35 miles constructing, maintaining, and acquiring new roads almostsignal every year. The Street Department is a Division of the Public Works Department and is managed by Public Works Director Johnny Brooks.

In addition to the Town maintained streets the Town of Woodfin is home to more than 30 miles of North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) maintained streets and highways as well as some smaller private roads. While the Town of Woodfin seeks to maintain its roads to the highest standards possible it is not legally permissible for the Town to maintain privately owned roads or NCDOT roads with Town personnel and equipment. If you have a street issue that you would like to report, please contact the Town Hall and we will endeavor to get the proper attention to your issue as soon as possible.

Routine Street Problem: 828 253-4887
Routine Street Problem After Hours: 828 253-4889
Emergency Street Problem: 911
Download Woodfin Street System List

You can also report a street problem via email at


POTHOLES, STOP SIGNS, ETC.If you see a pothole, need a new traffic sign, or have a similar complaint please give us a quick call or email. While our workers are on the streets daily, it is still possible for us to miss a problem, without your help these issues can remain for days, weeks, or months without being resolved. In helping us find out about these problems you are speeding up how quickly they are fixed.

SNOW REMOVALThe Town of Woodfin operates a team of snowplows and sand/salt spreaders around the clock in inclement weather in order to ensure that roads remain open or are reopened as soon as possible to vehicular traffic once a weather event has passed. While the Town of Woodfin prides itself on the speed and diligence of our snow removal efforts it is important for drivers to exercise good common sense in the mountainous environment in which we live.

Even after being scraped and sanded roads can remain treacherous. Drivers should always exercise extreme caution in icy and snowy conditions. Place extra distance between your vehicle and those in front of you. Allow additional time to break when approaching your stop and do not attempt sudden maneuvers. Steep slopes should be approached with great care and drivers should weigh carefully if the trip they are preparing to take is worth the risk involved.

During and immediately after a significant snow or ice event, road clearance priority is given to major arteries and important emergency vehicle access points. Secondary roads are cleared after these points have been secured. If you feel that your road has been overlooked, please call the non-emergency numbers listed above.

STREET LIGHTINGIf you are experiencing a problem with a Street Light (e.g. street light not on at night, street light on during the day, street light going on and off intermittently) you may address it in one of two ways. You may contact Duke Energy directly to report the problem or you may report the problem to the Town Hall. Either way, it is important to obtain the Pole ID Number first in order to better process your complaint. (If you are contacting Duke Energy directly, this is a critical step in the process.) You can reach Duke Energy by calling 1-800-653-5307 or by using the link below to report it through their website.

Click here to contact Duke Energy.