Trash & Recycling Schedules
2023 Garbage & Recycling Collection Schedules

Garbage Collection Schedule
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2024 Recycling Collection Schedules
Recycling A/B Monday Schedule
Recycling A/B Tuesday Schedule
Recycling A/B Wednesday Schedule
Recycling A/B Thursday Schedule
Recycling A/B Friday Schedule

If you are a new address / new construction and need to start trash and recycling service, please fill out this form below.

New Trash / Recycling Service

-Each resident is permitted 1 trash can and 1 recycling can at no charge. You may rent a 2nd trash can for $20 a month (billed $120 every 6 months).

-Each business is permitted 1 trash can at no charge. You may rent up to 3 additional trash cans for $20 a month per can (billed $120 every 6 months). If you need more than 4 trash cans, you will need to make arrangements for a commercial dumpster. Recycling service is not provided by the Town for businesses.