Environmental Services
The following environmental services are provided to Woodfin residents:
  • Collection of household garbage
  • Collection of recycling through our partner, Curbside Management
  • Leaf and brush pickup
  • We do not collect grass clippings.
  • Storm drain maintenance
  • Park maintenance
  • Animal control

In late 2022, the town issued new 96-gallon trash cans (green lid) and recycling cans (yellow lid) to individual households and small businesses. These new cans are equipped with lids, handles and wheels for easy maneuvering and are being issued at no cost.
For more information and to see a list of FAQs, please visit the project page, here.

Day-to-day operations are overseen by Public Works Manager Johnny Brooks, who can be reached with any questions or concerns at (828) 645-7063. For the quickest response to your recycling questions or concerns we encourage you to contact Curbside Management directly at (828) 252-2532. In the event that you cannot work out the problem directly with Public Works or with Curbside Management, please contact the Town Hall at (828) 253-4887.

We’ve tried to answer a lot of commonly asked questions below but no list is ever complete so please don’t hesitate to contact us at (828) 645-7063 or at jbrooks@woodfin-nc.gov for assistance, we’ll be glad to help. We’re here to provide you with the very best solid waste collection possible, so please don't hesitate to contact us.   Your input helps us in our efforts to constantly improve the quality of services provided to our citizens.

What is my garbage collection day?

Where do I get trash and recycling cans?

When does my garbage need to be placed at the curb?

What can I do if I missed my garbage collection date or time?

What day is my recycling collected on?

Who do I call if my recycling isn't collected?

What month(s) does the Town collect leaves?

Can I burn leaves, brush, or garbage?

What does the Town do with the leaves and brush it collects?

I had a landscaper or other contractor clear some brush for me.  Can I set it out for collection?

How do I dispose of logs and branches?

What doesn't the Town collect?

How do I get rid of bulky items like couches, mattresses, or refrigerators?

My friend lives outside of the Town and doesn't have garbage collection service.  Can I place their garbage with mine?

What do I need to do about bears getting into my trash?

Does the Town collect grass clippings?