Woodfin Greenway and Blueway
The Town of Woodfin is developing recreational facilities along the French Broad River for the benefit of itsgreenways citizens and the larger community. The Woodfin Greenway and Blueway (WGB) is a major component of this overall effort that connects a new park and an expanded park to one another. The project moves us closer to the vision of greenway connection from Reynolds Mountain to the River Arts District Asheville.

In an effort to improve conditions for citizens and businesses the Town Board believed that the creation of a greenway and park system along the French Broad would enhance property values, encourage investment and improve the lives of our citizens. The community agreed and overwhelmingly voted to partially fund the project through a 2016 bond referendum.

The  entire WGB project is made possible through the generous donations and contributions of Buncombe County, Buncombe County Tourism Development Authority, NCDOT, and several other passionate supporters.

Riverlink and Buncombe County Recreation Services are the Town's primary partners driving the project toward completion. The target year for completion of the project is 2023.

We refer you to Riverlink for updates on the project.


Silver=Line Park is located just north of the Silver-Line Plastics manufacturing facility. Silver-Line Park has been made possible by a generous donation by the Silvers family of nearly 5 acres of formerly undeveloped land along the French Broad River.

The intent is for Silver-Line Park to provide a wide variety of opportunities including access to the river for recreational purposes, a children’s playground, a segment of the French Broad River greenway, and a connection with the Craggy Mountain Rail Line.

PROJECT CONSTRUCTION PLAN (large file [100mb] - download time will depend on your connection speed)



Riverside Park was originally built in 1998 and was donated to the Town of Woodfin by the Riverside Business Park.

The Town plans to expand the current Riverside Park southward by almost four acres. This renovation will mean a generous park expansion project with connections to The Wave project, an overlook pavilion, a segment of the French Broad River greenway, and environmental restoration in the park and along the riverbank.

PARK MASTER PLAN (large file [19mb] - download time will depend on your connection speed)



The Whitewater Wave will be a world-class river wave-perfect for a broad range of river adventurers from novices to whitewater experts.

To be sited adjacent to Riverside Park and along the new Woodfin Greenway, it will be created from a carefully designed and engineered ledge feature made of natural rock and concrete, and installed in the riverbed.