Woodfin Town Hall


The current Woodfin Town Hall was constructed and dedicated in 1987 when there were only a handful of staff and few vehicles.  Over the course of the last 36 years, the town and the staff have grown considerably, and we find that the current facility no longer meets the space and functional needs of town government.  Earlier this year, the Woodfin Town Council supported a plan to explore what it might take to build a new town hall while also considering other opportunities that could support additional community needs, such as providing community gathering areas, housing and/or early childhood education. 

The first step in this process was to perform a Needs & Feasibility Study and in May of this year, the town hired LS3P, a local architecture firm to work with a select group of community stakeholders through an iterative process that would identify the optimal site, placement, size, and features of a new town hall, while also considering future opportunities that would help support other community needs.  You can find the link to the completed study below. 

Woodfin Town Hall Feasibility Study Vision Book (Jan. 25, 2024)

Woodfin Town Hall Needs & Feasibility Project Scope

Steering Committee Mtg. #1 Materials – Kick-off

Steering Committee Mtg. #2 Materials – Opportunities & Challenges

Steering Committee Mtg. #3 Materials – Draft Space Program 

Steering Committee Mtg. #3 - Spectrum of Options