Trash & Recycling Rollout Cans

Improvements to Trash and Recycling Service

Thanks in part to federal money issued to the town as part of the American Rescue Plan Act, the Town of Woodfin is pleased to announce improvements to our solid waste collection services.  The improvements include the recent purchase of two new solid waste trucks (a.k.a. garbage trucks) that are equipped with lift gates to make collection easier and more efficient.  In addition to the new trucks the town is also issuing new 96-gallon trash and recycling cans to individual households and small businesses.  These new cans will be equipped with lids, handles and wheels for easy maneuvering and are being issued at no cost to our residents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the town doing this?

How much will this cost me?

Will I be able to continue to place bags out at the curb?

How should I store these cans?

Can I leave my cans out at the end of my driveway?

What are the dimensions of the 96-gallon and 64-gallon cans?

Can I get more than one can?

Will my collection day be the same?

I am a small business, will I be receiving roll-out cans?

How do I request a smaller 64-gallon trash can?

I'm not sure if the 96-gallon can will fit in my garage – how can I check?

Will these cans be bear proof?

How heavy are these cans?  I'm not sure I'll be able to manage a large can.

I am disabled and cannot physically manage wheeling a can to the collection point, what should I do?

I live at end of a long gravel driveway (or at the end of a steep private driveway), where am I supposed to put my cans?

I need special service but I'm not disabled and I can't afford the fee.  What are my options?

Why can't we continue to have weekly recycling collection?

I don't need/want a large recycling container – what other options do I have?

Have the items that can be recycled changed?

What do I do with my old trash can or recycling bins?

I am a new resident – how do I get my cans?

I want to establish a communal collection area - how do I do that?

Will you still collect larger oversized items (chair, mattress, etc.)?

When can I start using my new cans?

When will bi-weekly recycling collection start?

What if I have cardboard that does not fit into the 96-gallon recycling can?

I fill up more than a 96-gallon trash can each week.  How do I dispose of the additional trash?

Any other questions?