FY 22-23 Budget Approved
Please accept this recommended FY2022-2023 budget for the Town of Woodfin. Your guidance through budget discussions have been very valuable and continue to inform this plan, and your collaboration has been appreciated. To summarize, town staff and elected officials held three public budget workshops over the course of the past three months, carefully reviewing budget options and establishing spending priorities consistent with overall community needs. The FY2022-2023 budget builds on a year of introspection as the town reflects on leadership changes, both elected and administrative. The town board and staff continue to react to Covid-19 by effectively shuttering town hall for several months during the course of the fiscal year, rethinking the town’s fiscal future, and implementing sanitation and safety protocols that would have been unimaginable several years ago. Additionally, leadership has focused on increased transparency in all areas of town operations, more structured development, and sound policy reflecting best practice in government operations.  The budget officer’s recommended tax rate is 33-cents per $100 in value. This recommendation holds the current tax rate, 33 cents, steady for the next fiscal year.

We are looking optimistically forward to the next fiscal year. Last year’s concerning revenue outlook led to conservative budgeting and spending, but the outcome has been far better than imagined, permitting the town to increase its projected yearend financial position year over year. Federal funding has provided support to offset increased costs of navigating the pandemic, and the American Rescue Plan Act promises to further improve conditions for Woodfin aiding in previously unaffordable but necessary capital investments and required program needs.

A summary of key accomplishments and decisions during FY2021-2022 include:
• Groundbreaking at Silver-Line Park, the debut of the long-awaited Woodfin Greenway & Blueway
• Approving $3 million in spending to finance our road maintenance and paving project
• Hiring a seasoned town manager able to hit the ground running
• Hiring a project manager with a focus on our Blueway/Greenway and parks projects
• Assessing town assets and infrastructure by replacing aged public works equipment, sanitation trucks, and police vehicles
• Updating zoning ordinances and building in controls to ensure smart development with more comprehensive zoning ordinance and new steep slope ordinance and conditional zoning
• Began work on the town’s new comprehensive plan which will lay the foundation for future decisions

Collectively and cumulatively, these key decisions laid a foundation for increased organizational performance, supplying resources to former and newer employees who strive to provide quality service to the community. They also inform the FY2022-2023 budget decisions that are now before us.

Expenditure FY 22 Budget FY 23 Base Budget FY 23 Expansion Budget FY 23 Recommended Budget
Administration $893,727 $744,387 $286,138 $1,030,525
Tax Collections $390,128 $392,826 - $392,826
Planning & Zoning $411,714 $357,110 $73,162 $430,272
Police $1,840,320 $2,417,951 $78,000 $2,495,951
Public Works: Streets Division $532,932 $581,546 $348,512 $750,058
Powell Bill Division $395,600 $233,000 - $233,000
Stormwater Division $110,000 $84,076 $328,465 $592,541
Public Works: Sanitation Division $1,197,229 $891,275 $334,500 $1,225,775
Parks & Recreation $529,347 $489,024 - $489,024
Transfers to Capital Projects Fund $140,580 - $401,600 $401,600
Total Estimated General Fund Expenditures $6,441,576 $6,191,195 $1,850,377 $8,041,572

The Public is invited to attend Woodfin’s Board of Commissioners meeting on June 21, 2022, at 6:30pm. A Public Hearing will be held on the FY2022-2023 fiscal budget and anyone that wishes to speak regarding the proposed budget will be allowed to do so at that time.  See the entire approved budget here.