Comprehensive Plan Update 10/27/2021

First incorporated in 1971, the Town of Woodfin celebrates its 50 years by mounting a comprehensive planning process to guide future growth and development. The 2022 Woodfin Comprehensive Plan will establish a unified vision, along with goals and priorities intended to shape the town’s next 10-20 years.

Through the planning process, the community is invited to weigh in on important matters like land use, transportation, public services, infrastructure, parks and recreation, and natural and cultural resources. The process will document the vision and identify strategies to realize that vision.

Community engagement is a cornerstone of a successful comprehensive planning process, giving residents an opportunity to say, “This is who we are”, “This is what we want/need in our Town”,  “This is what I am concerned about” and “This is  what I am excited about for Woodfin’s future.”

As the first step to guide the process, the Woodfin Board of Commissioners seeks steering committee members who reflect the many voices of the town.

Woodfin Planning Director Adrienne Isenhower echoes the importance of seeking a diverse steering committee, stating that “the Town’s residents have the answers we need to thrive as a vibrant and welcoming community. We are actively seeking members who are passionate about Woodfin and its bright future.” 

If you, or anybody you know, might be interested in being a member on this steering committee, please have them fill out the application found on the Town’s webpage ( and send it to