Woodfin Releases Body Camera Videos of August 24th Incident

In a Superior Court order dated September 20, 2021, Judge Steve Warden granted a September 2, 2021, petition by the Town of Woodfin to release body cam video footage recorded by three Woodfin Police Officers. The officers responded to a 911-dispatched medical call on August 24th, with callers reporting an unresponsive man in a parking lot on Riverside Drive.

After arriving first on scene, Officer Colbey Mehaffey approaches Jonathan Barker’s car, and the viewer will see that Mehaffey’s video is briefly interrupted during the ensuing altercation. He is subsequently joined by Officer Jamie McCandless and Detective Jason Gregg. The three officers’ video footage is available here:

Mehaffey: https://youtu.be/EB1OebkeKtI

McCandless: https://youtu.be/8OtubjIbCGk

Gregg: https://youtu.be/AS3N9xUb8ac

The Town requests that any video footage used be made available to the public in its entirety. A bystander previously provided partial video and personal commentary on the incident as he came upon the scene.

Town Administrator Eric Hardy commends the officers, and says, “It is painful to watch the situation unfold through Officer Mehaffey’s eyes. The video reminds me that we are all human, and that Mr. Barker’s story is more than this one video shows us. The same may be said about our officers.”