Parks and Greenways Advisory Committee
This seven-member committee represent the interests of the residents and taxpayers of Woodfin, who have chosen to invest mightily in parks and recreational assets. In 2016, Town voted overwhelmingly (71% in favor) to fund the Woodfin Greenway and Blueway (WGB) project, which significantly increases the overall portfolio of recreational offerings in Woodfin. This committee's mission is to ensure continued maintenance and operational excellence of the entire parks and greenways system in the future.

By resolution of the Woodfin Board of Commissioners, the majority of members must live or work in the Town. Activities of the committee will initially be centered on the WGB through the completion of the project. At the completion of the project the committee will continue to assist with public engagement and oversight to ensure that park assets are optimally performing and meeting the needs of stakeholder groups. More specifically, this advisory committee will perform and exercise these duties:

  • Review progress; understand adherence to, or deviation from, the WGB project timeline and budget; and provide recommendations to the WGB Project Steering committee
  • Assist in public engagement and outreach efforts related to the WGB project.
  • Recognize partnerships for the duration of the WGB project between the Town of Woodfin:
    • Riverlink, as communications and fundraising partner;
    • Buncombe County Recreation Services, as project manager for design and construction of greenways.
  • Provide strong, clear messaging about the Town’s entire parks and greenways system that demonstrates how the public is being served.
  • Recommend strategic priorities for capital investments and facility improvements.
  • Review and provide feedback concerning funding strategies and priorities of recreation-related capital improvements.
  • Work in partnership with affinity groups—nonprofits, parent organizations, schools, etc.—to advocate for and promote Woodfin parks and greenways.
  • Make recommendations to the Woodfin Board of Commissioners regarding the brand and image of town parks and greenways assets including, but not limited to, amenity naming rights, branding, and partnership and sponsorship policies.
Parks and Greenways Advisory Committee Members
Walt Brewer (Chair)2
Coral Darby3
Bryan Messing1
Chris Bubenik2
Gerald Green3
Uta Brandstatter (alternate)3
Lucy Crown (Vice-Chair)3
Anne Kaltreider1
Kenney Young (alternate)3

1 1st term expires 7/1/2022
2 1st term expires 7/1/2023
3 1st term expires 7/1/2024

Terms for committee members are three years with an opportunity for another three-year re-appointment (except that members with terms expiring 7/1/2022 are eligible for 2 subsequent three-year re-appointments).

The Parks and Greenways Advisory Committee meets the second Wednesday of the month at 3:00 p.m. at Woodfin Town Hall, unless otherwise noted on the agenda.

Committee By-Laws

Committee Projects: 

Description Date Started Date Completed
Project Management Subcommittee Charter 5/7/21 in progress
WGB Project Communications Plan 5/10/21 in progress
Parks, Recreational and Community Asset Inventory 5/26/21 8/11/21