2022 Comprehensive Plan

The Town of Woodfin is undergoing an update to its 2021 Comprehensive Plan with the assistance of J.M. Teague Engineering & Planning and Linda Giltz Consulting. This planning initiative will establish a unified vision, goals and priorities to guide future growth and development. It will also provide a basis for decision-making, problem-solving and policy development for the Town over the next 10-20 years. The Woodfin Comprehensive Plan will address community elements such as land use, transportation, public services, infrastructure, parks and recreation, and natural and cultural resources.

A future land use map (FLUM) will also be prepared as part of this project. The FLUM will guide zoning and other land use decisions in a manner that is compatible with the identified vision outlined in the Comprehensive Plan. The FLUM will ultimately act as a policy tool that guides the Planning Board’s and Town Council’s land use decisions.

Community engagement is a cornerstone of a successful comprehensive planning process. Please follow this page or check back frequently for details on community engagement and how to get involved.