Spay and Neuter Assistance Program
ASPCA-logo-500x329The Town of Woodfin has partnered with the ASPCA to provide spay and neuter service to Woodfin residents for their dog(s) or cat(s). 

To see a full listing of services offered by the ASPCA, click here.

The Town of Woodfin will cover the cost of the spay or neuter of your pet(s).  In order to be eligible for this program, you must:

1. Be a Town of Woodfin resident, and
2. Tell ASPCA staff you are Woodfin resident when scheduling the appointment online.

When scheduling your appointment online, you can request this funding through this program in the "notes" section on the screen by stating you are a Woodfin resident.  If you get an email requesting payment (they are auto generated),  simply reply back saying you are a Woodfin resident. 

Please note: The ASPCA will require proof of residency (driver's license is sufficient) to determine program eligibility.

Spay & Neuter